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Krakow is a very romantic holiday destination and is often visited by couples in love, newly-weds and families. This Polish city has a great choice of gourmet restaurants and romantic places to visit with your loved-one. Fantastic restaurants and plenty of other dining options where quality, tasty meals are served can be found throughout the city. The largest concentration of dining establishments is however in the historical central district Old Town. In this part of the city you will find hundreds of restaurants, bistros, cafes, pizzerias and grills, salad bars and soup bars, and the good news is that they are all within walking distance from each other. The restaurants are housed in old residences and buildings near your apartment in Krakow and during the active tourist season they offer tables outside.

krakow opera house

The history of Krakow gastronomy is long and its roots can be traced back to the Renaissance. Today, however, besides traditional Polish cuisine, one can try some creative new meals as well as exotic food and food from the Far East. Fantastic French meals and Italian cuisine are on offer as well. Among the Krakow restaurants that deserve attention is the Cherubino restaurant, which is located very close to the Market Square, on the ‘Alley of Doubting Thomas. This romantic restaurant serves Polish and Italian cuisine and the menu is changed several times through the year. Good restaurants where one can try meals from the Polish cuisine are the CK Browar, Kawaleria Szarza Smaku, Pod Aniolami and Nostalgia restaurant.

Photos of Il Ristoro del Papa, Siena
This photo of Il Ristoro del Papa
For those who love Italian cuisine a great choice would be the restaurant Corleone where the meals have a slight Sicilian flavour and the wine is from Tuscany and Sicily, or the restaurant Del Papa where traditional dishes such as fish carpaccio, pizza, pasta and tiramisu are served; as well as the restaurant Trattoria Soprano, which is a great place for a romantic date or a long evening with friends and wine. There are those travellers that like general European cuisine and they can check out the restaurants Szara and Szara Kazimierz where they can try the special fish soup. Then are those who prefer Mediterranean cuisine and they may want to have dinner at the Olive restaurant. Of course, there are also options for those who love fusion food and for the vegetarian diner, especially if you stay in Warsaw apartment.

Once you have enjoyed a nice meal but do not wish the evening to end, a good option is to visit a romantic café or a bar. There are also places with live music. If you just want to get a beer or two then going to a pub is a good idea. Some of the liveliest places are the pubs Alchemia, Nic Nowego, CK Browar and the Stajnua and Indygo. A major thing that has to be stressed is that all those restaurants, cafes, bars, live music clubs and pubs are located within walking distance of each other to over come use 5 htp benefits.

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