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The Austrian capital is among the best visited tourist destinations in Europe for short-term trips, long weekends or longer stays. Among the most important things to arrange when planning a trip in this city is to get a nice Vienna apartment with good central location and to check how the public transportation system works in order to know how to reach all the places that one wants to visit.

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The city of Vienna is proud with its well-developed public transportation system, which includes buses and trams, underground lines and trains, which can bring the travelers to all parts of the city. The public transport system in Vienna, which is locally called Wiener Linien, covers 30 tram lines, 83 bus lines where 23 of them are night lines, as well as five underground lines. There is one central zone and a single ticket is valid when travelling in one direction in one zone. There are regular tickets, as well as tourist and yearly tickets. Travelers should know that the tickets should be purchased before entering the bus and tram vehicle and before entering the station. Ticket inspections are made on a random basis at the public transport vehicles.

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The validated tickets can be used for all means of public transport in the central zone. They could be purchased from ticket machines at the underground stations and at some points of advance sale and at the places where cigars are being sold. Tickets could be also purchased on the board of a tram or a bus, but at an increased rate. There are also passes that are valid for longer periods of time, as for example 24 hours or 72 hours. There are also weekly, monthly and annual passes. The public transportation system tickets should be validated before boarding and this is done by stamping the ticket at the available blue machines, which are set at the entrances of the underground stations, and also on the trams and buses. The tickets that are bought directly from the driver are being already validates and they are not stamped again.

The underground trains run daily from 5 am in the morning until midnight. The buses and the trams stop running earlier, while the night buses run every night and cover the most important routes. The underground trains run around the clock during the Fridays and the Saturdays and also on the eve of the public holidays.

The International Airport in Vienna operates more than 20 passengers each year and has been recently expanded and a new terminal building is being added. The Water transportation in Vienna allows connection to the city of Rotterdam and to several industrial areas through the rivers Rhine, Main and Danube, as well as to some Eastern European countries and down to the Black Sea. There is a Twin City Liner, which connects the cities of Vienna and Bratislava.

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