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Going on a holiday in Lisbon is a thrilling experience and requires some planning for enjoying it entirely. The main things to consider, when planning a trip to the capital of Portugal is to arrange a bargain airplane tickets and a great Lisbon apartment, with good central location and plenty of extras. The other important thing to arrange is to get a rent a car, which is not difficult and to solve the parking issue when in the city of Lisbon and to learn about the parking regulations on the different days of the week and the different time of the day as they vary.

Lisbon Pictures
This photo of Lisbon

When coming to Lisbon with a car, travelers should know that the signs indicating “No Parking” are designed in white of blue colors with a red line across it. There are also yellow and red signs with lines on the curb, which also indicate the same. Tourists should also know that when the words “Prohibido Esrancionar” appears with a code number of the police placed on a garage door, this means that the police has the right to tow the parked vehicle when it is parked illegally commercial bouncy castles for sale australia. To avoid that, the tourists should know that it is not legal to park a car within 15 meters of a bus stop and 3 meters from a bus or tram stop. Those who do not park where they should be, risk losing points from their driving licenses. The parking should be done in the same direction as the traffic goes on the one-way streets. Current places need company parking permit during the work hours and other places need residents parking permits, when they are in the residential zones.

Photos of Bairro Alto, Lisbon
This photo of Bairro Alto

The city of Lisbon is a very old settlement with narrow, winding streets, which is built on seven hills that are quite steep and thus the street parking spaces are few. It is especially difficult to park in the downtown areas Bairro Alto, Chiado and Baixa and it gets even harder during the night. Thus, parking tickets and police fines are often applied. In the city of Lisbon, there is an extensive network of underground car parks on many levels that are run by private companies. Actually, the Lisbon City Council works in collaboration with several of these large parking companies, in order to offer parking lots at reasonable price and help with parking spaces during the weekends as well. The official parking attendants in Lisbon are usually wearing dark green uniforms and have caps, as well as light green bands that reflect the light.

Images of Chiado 16, Lisbon
This photo of Chiado 16

Travelers should also know that the parking regulations could vary depending in the residential zone the person wants to park in in Lisbon. However, the general parking regulations require that drivers are forbidden to park for more time than legally permitted by the regulations of a specific zone. They are also not allowed to park a vehicle that is not taxed and a vehicle, which is advertised for sale. Parking is also not allowed on a pavement and double park is not possible as well. Another regulation states that parking in front of a garage exit and entrance is not allowed too.

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