One day trips near Madrid

The Spanish capital Madrid is a wonderful place for those who love one day trips and are bored with the typical city environment. Without any doubt, the city of Madrid has plenty of historical landmarks, cultural sites and parks that should not be missed. But it also has some of the best one day trips in the country and they should not be passed up either. The difficulty is actually not whether to go on such a trip, but rather which one day trip near Madrid to choose.


There are two very popular one day trips near your Madrid apartment and they cover the regions of Segovia and Toledo.. Segovia one day trips could be combined with a trip to Avila or El Escorial, while Toledo is a little bit isolated, to the south of Madrid. These one day trips can be done with public transport, but also by car if you are not afraid to drive in another country. We will try to present the cities that could be visited from Madrid for one day. These day trips include the marvelous city of Barcelona. This one day trip is possible only because there are excellent high-speed trains in Spain. Our advice would be to go on such a tour only if you do not have any other option to see the city of Barcelona. It is a lovely place with many landmarks and definitely one day would not be enough to see all of the sites. And besides, taking a high-speed train in both directions is rather expensive.

Another good option for a one-day trip that we already mentioned is the city of Toledo, which used to be a capital of Spain. The city has its medieval charm, narrow winding streets and well-preserved city walls. The third city that could be visited is Seville, again with the AVE train, since the city is rather far from Madrid. The same also applies to the city of Cordoba, which is on the way from Madrid to Seville. The other city on our list is Segovia, which has an interesting castle and a Roman aqueduct that is worth seeing. The other place that requires attention is the city of Valencia, which is the third biggest city in the country and has a lovely beach. To see some well-preserved medieval city walls go to Avilla, set between the cities of Madrid and Salamanca. The other sites that could be seen on a one day trip from Madrid are the El Escorial monastery with the Kings’ crypt and basilica at El Valle de los Caidos area.


There are also some other sites that can be visited Madrid on a one day visit and they include the royal residence at Aranjuez, the university city of Salamanca, the Warner Brothers Theme Park which is great for the kids, the windmills at Consuegra and Alcala de Henares town with its university. A nicely preserved castle can be visited at the town Manzanares El Real, while a nice cathedral is one of the attractions at Siguenza.

A post provided by Dorita Valdes writing about apartments in Barcelona and Madrid.

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