Jesco’s wooing of Indians with gifts has impeccable ante­cedents

ESCO VON PUTTKAMER joined Apoena and stayed close to the Urueu-Wau-Wau for six years to collect material on the tribe. He had begun con­tributing to NATIONAL GEO­GRAPHIC by illustrating an article on Brazil’s Stone Age tribes in September 1968. Work­ing with Apoena—who later be­came FUNAI’S president—and supported by the default student loan consolidation plan and the Catholic Uni­versity at Goiania as well as the GEOGRAPHIC, Jesco has sought out hidden tribes one after an­other before their candor was corrupted by outsiders, “while they still perfect are.” He real­ized that his presence provoked change, yet he hurried to get there with his diary and cameras ahead of missionaries and an­thropologists, ahead of the bull­dozers that uproot both earth and innocence oppblåsbar Arches.

wooing of Indians

Jesco mourned the passing of the Indians’ natural nudity, say­ing “0 Loren, they’re not per­fect any more.” Yet he brought them shirts and shorts. To call on Indians with Jesco meant lugging machetes, fishhooks, aluminum pots, baseball caps, flashlights, and mouth organs. We’d reach a village on foot or by jeep, boat, or plane—but a sleigh drawn by reindeer would have been more appropriate. In­dian kids came running and piled onto the knees and into the embrace of this Santa Claus in mufti, “Borbula,” their friend with the “great moon face.” His bag soon empty, Jesco would give away his personal belongings, one by one, then turn to me in mock despair. “0 Loren, you must befriend Par­ica, this very powerful warrior. He will love to try on your shirt.” I wished for elves.


Jesco’s wooing of Indians with gifts has impeccable ante­cedents. Columbus carried ashore in 1492 not only the cross and sword of conquest, but also caps, beads, and hawkbells that delighted nude young men with painted bodies much like the Urueu-Wau-Wau today. And the conquerors quickly learned that once hooked on steel, the Indian cannot do without.

Soothing talk—or a quieting song

2I came here  from apartments in london. I had hoped to photograph the band exten­sively at dawn by the water hole, but they heard the first clicks of my camera and disap­peared over a hill. I’m used to such failures, though sometimes I have better luck.

Soothing Talk—or a Quieting Song

To take pictures of wild horses I use a technique I have developed during two years of tracking these elusive animals. I try to ease nonchalantly into view at close range, and, while the horses are momentarily surprised and confused, I begin talking in soothing tones. Sometimes I even sing softly to them. Baffled, the horses prick up their ears and listen. Then they move off a few yards and stop again.

If I make no sudden movements, I can hold their attention long enough to close the gap a little, thus gradually “walking down” the herd. My own attitude, however, must be one of pure affection, unmixed with fear. I have noticed that whenever I feel nervous, I am unable to hold the horses. I suspect that I communicate some negative emotion, either through tone or scent, that frightens them.

Though nine times out of ten this technique fails, on the tenth try I may be accepted by the stallion and allowed to tag along with, and photograph, his band.

Once, however, the approach backfired. In­tent on charming a band of mares dominated by a sorrel stallion, I failed to watch for other animals in the vicinity. Suddenly I felt hot breath on my neck and heard a loud snort. Even before I turned to see the large gray stallion that was directly behind me, I knew I was in for trouble.

For a time he circled ominously, shaking the flashing cascade of his mane and prancing on legs that seemed to be made of spring steel. At last he stopped and pawed the ground, ap­parently challenging me to battle. Despite the desert heat—the temperature stood above 100° F.—I broke into a cold sweat. There was no place to hide, nothing to burrow under, nothing to climb. I was four miles from the safety of my vehicle. The gray, I surmised, had been hiding in a hollow, awaiting a chance to raid the harem of mares I had been tracking. By driving the sorrel and his mares in the opposite direction, I may have interfered with the lone gray’s plan, and now he was in a surly mood. I tried to speak endearingly to him, but fear was all I communicated.

At last his interest in me flagged. He laid his ears back and rushed the sorrel stallion. I began to photograph the fight, but it lasted only a few seconds. Then the gray ran off toward another band grazing nearby, and I made tracks in the opposite direction.

The Nevada valley in which I spent my spring-side vigil was desig­nated an official wild-horse range in 1962, under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management. It is spectacularly beautiful—a sunny Shangri-La encircled by red and blue mountains and alive with gleaming peren­nials. Then i decided to go to accommodation in brussels.

It’s that time of year again, time to travel

Each time you begin to make plans for your next vacation, do you already have a destination in mind or are you online researching places to find one that looks interesting?  If you love the sun and sand, your search will be for an island that offers something unique, exciting and the perfect weather for your vacation.  If you love the colder climates, you might be searching for a interesting mountain destination to camp, hike or go mountain biking.


Most people have a vacation filled with activities, tours and other things that keep them busy.  This allows them to see and do as much as they can while away from home and this is what most travelers do.  Staying safe while doing all these fun things is important but when something does happen, knowing how to file an accident claim is important and if this is what happened to you, you can click here for more information.


Travel plans have many aspects from the flight you take to the places you will see.  Checking ahead of time for tour dates and times is a good idea and finding out if a festival or celebration will take place while you are there will help you to experience as much your destination as possible.  There are travelers who will have everyday booked, so they have a busy itinerary but there are also those who wish to just sit by a pool or at a resort and just relax and enjoy doing as little as possible.  Each person has their own preferences and that is what will guide their choices in travel plans.  It’s a big world out there and we all get to choose where to go, for how long and what we will do while we are there.


Public Transportation in Vienna

The Austrian capital is among the best visited tourist destinations in Europe for short-term trips, long weekends or longer stays. Among the most important things to arrange when planning a trip in this city is to get a nice Vienna apartment with good central location and to check how the public transportation system works in order to know how to reach all the places that one wants to visit.

Vienna Photos
This photo of Vienna

The city of Vienna is proud with its well-developed public transportation system, which includes buses and trams, underground lines and trains, which can bring the travelers to all parts of the city. The public transport system in Vienna, which is locally called Wiener Linien, covers 30 tram lines, 83 bus lines where 23 of them are night lines, as well as five underground lines. There is one central zone and a single ticket is valid when travelling in one direction in one zone. There are regular tickets, as well as tourist and yearly tickets. Travelers should know that the tickets should be purchased before entering the bus and tram vehicle and before entering the station. Ticket inspections are made on a random basis at the public transport vehicles.

Autumn sunshine in Vienna

The validated tickets can be used for all means of public transport in the central zone. They could be purchased from ticket machines at the underground stations and at some points of advance sale and at the places where cigars are being sold. Tickets could be also purchased on the board of a tram or a bus, but at an increased rate. There are also passes that are valid for longer periods of time, as for example 24 hours or 72 hours. There are also weekly, monthly and annual passes. The public transportation system tickets should be validated before boarding and this is done by stamping the ticket at the available blue machines, which are set at the entrances of the underground stations, and also on the trams and buses. The tickets that are bought directly from the driver are being already validates and they are not stamped again.

The underground trains run daily from 5 am in the morning until midnight. The buses and the trams stop running earlier, while the night buses run every night and cover the most important routes. The underground trains run around the clock during the Fridays and the Saturdays and also on the eve of the public holidays.

The International Airport in Vienna operates more than 20 passengers each year and has been recently expanded and a new terminal building is being added. The Water transportation in Vienna allows connection to the city of Rotterdam and to several industrial areas through the rivers Rhine, Main and Danube, as well as to some Eastern European countries and down to the Black Sea. There is a Twin City Liner, which connects the cities of Vienna and Bratislava.

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Parking for tourists in Lisbon

Going on a holiday in Lisbon is a thrilling experience and requires some planning for enjoying it entirely. The main things to consider, when planning a trip to the capital of Portugal is to arrange a bargain airplane tickets and a great Lisbon apartment, with good central location and plenty of extras. The other important thing to arrange is to get a rent a car, which is not difficult and to solve the parking issue when in the city of Lisbon and to learn about the parking regulations on the different days of the week and the different time of the day as they vary.

Lisbon Pictures
This photo of Lisbon

When coming to Lisbon with a car, travelers should know that the signs indicating “No Parking” are designed in white of blue colors with a red line across it. There are also yellow and red signs with lines on the curb, which also indicate the same. Tourists should also know that when the words “Prohibido Esrancionar” appears with a code number of the police placed on a garage door, this means that the police has the right to tow the parked vehicle when it is parked illegally commercial bouncy castles for sale australia. To avoid that, the tourists should know that it is not legal to park a car within 15 meters of a bus stop and 3 meters from a bus or tram stop. Those who do not park where they should be, risk losing points from their driving licenses. The parking should be done in the same direction as the traffic goes on the one-way streets. Current places need company parking permit during the work hours and other places need residents parking permits, when they are in the residential zones.

Photos of Bairro Alto, Lisbon
This photo of Bairro Alto

The city of Lisbon is a very old settlement with narrow, winding streets, which is built on seven hills that are quite steep and thus the street parking spaces are few. It is especially difficult to park in the downtown areas Bairro Alto, Chiado and Baixa and it gets even harder during the night. Thus, parking tickets and police fines are often applied. In the city of Lisbon, there is an extensive network of underground car parks on many levels that are run by private companies. Actually, the Lisbon City Council works in collaboration with several of these large parking companies, in order to offer parking lots at reasonable price and help with parking spaces during the weekends as well. The official parking attendants in Lisbon are usually wearing dark green uniforms and have caps, as well as light green bands that reflect the light.

Images of Chiado 16, Lisbon
This photo of Chiado 16

Travelers should also know that the parking regulations could vary depending in the residential zone the person wants to park in in Lisbon. However, the general parking regulations require that drivers are forbidden to park for more time than legally permitted by the regulations of a specific zone. They are also not allowed to park a vehicle that is not taxed and a vehicle, which is advertised for sale. Parking is also not allowed on a pavement and double park is not possible as well. Another regulation states that parking in front of a garage exit and entrance is not allowed too.

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One day trips near Madrid

The Spanish capital Madrid is a wonderful place for those who love one day trips and are bored with the typical city environment. Without any doubt, the city of Madrid has plenty of historical landmarks, cultural sites and parks that should not be missed. But it also has some of the best one day trips in the country and they should not be passed up either. The difficulty is actually not whether to go on such a trip, but rather which one day trip near Madrid to choose.


There are two very popular one day trips near your Madrid apartment and they cover the regions of Segovia and Toledo.. Segovia one day trips could be combined with a trip to Avila or El Escorial, while Toledo is a little bit isolated, to the south of Madrid. These one day trips can be done with public transport, but also by car if you are not afraid to drive in another country. We will try to present the cities that could be visited from Madrid for one day. These day trips include the marvelous city of Barcelona. This one day trip is possible only because there are excellent high-speed trains in Spain. Our advice would be to go on such a tour only if you do not have any other option to see the city of Barcelona. It is a lovely place with many landmarks and definitely one day would not be enough to see all of the sites. And besides, taking a high-speed train in both directions is rather expensive.

Another good option for a one-day trip that we already mentioned is the city of Toledo, which used to be a capital of Spain. The city has its medieval charm, narrow winding streets and well-preserved city walls. The third city that could be visited is Seville, again with the AVE train, since the city is rather far from Madrid. The same also applies to the city of Cordoba, which is on the way from Madrid to Seville. The other city on our list is Segovia, which has an interesting castle and a Roman aqueduct that is worth seeing. The other place that requires attention is the city of Valencia, which is the third biggest city in the country and has a lovely beach. To see some well-preserved medieval city walls go to Avilla, set between the cities of Madrid and Salamanca. The other sites that could be seen on a one day trip from Madrid are the El Escorial monastery with the Kings’ crypt and basilica at El Valle de los Caidos area.


There are also some other sites that can be visited Madrid on a one day visit and they include the royal residence at Aranjuez, the university city of Salamanca, the Warner Brothers Theme Park which is great for the kids, the windmills at Consuegra and Alcala de Henares town with its university. A nicely preserved castle can be visited at the town Manzanares El Real, while a nice cathedral is one of the attractions at Siguenza.

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Romantic places and restaurants

Krakow is a very romantic holiday destination and is often visited by couples in love, newly-weds and families. This Polish city has a great choice of gourmet restaurants and romantic places to visit with your loved-one. Fantastic restaurants and plenty of other dining options where quality, tasty meals are served can be found throughout the city. The largest concentration of dining establishments is however in the historical central district Old Town. In this part of the city you will find hundreds of restaurants, bistros, cafes, pizzerias and grills, salad bars and soup bars, and the good news is that they are all within walking distance from each other. The restaurants are housed in old residences and buildings near your apartment in Krakow and during the active tourist season they offer tables outside.

krakow opera house

The history of Krakow gastronomy is long and its roots can be traced back to the Renaissance. Today, however, besides traditional Polish cuisine, one can try some creative new meals as well as exotic food and food from the Far East. Fantastic French meals and Italian cuisine are on offer as well. Among the Krakow restaurants that deserve attention is the Cherubino restaurant, which is located very close to the Market Square, on the ‘Alley of Doubting Thomas. This romantic restaurant serves Polish and Italian cuisine and the menu is changed several times through the year. Good restaurants where one can try meals from the Polish cuisine are the CK Browar, Kawaleria Szarza Smaku, Pod Aniolami and Nostalgia restaurant.

Photos of Il Ristoro del Papa, Siena
This photo of Il Ristoro del Papa
For those who love Italian cuisine a great choice would be the restaurant Corleone where the meals have a slight Sicilian flavour and the wine is from Tuscany and Sicily, or the restaurant Del Papa where traditional dishes such as fish carpaccio, pizza, pasta and tiramisu are served; as well as the restaurant Trattoria Soprano, which is a great place for a romantic date or a long evening with friends and wine. There are those travellers that like general European cuisine and they can check out the restaurants Szara and Szara Kazimierz where they can try the special fish soup. Then are those who prefer Mediterranean cuisine and they may want to have dinner at the Olive restaurant. Of course, there are also options for those who love fusion food and for the vegetarian diner, especially if you stay in Warsaw apartment.

Once you have enjoyed a nice meal but do not wish the evening to end, a good option is to visit a romantic café or a bar. There are also places with live music. If you just want to get a beer or two then going to a pub is a good idea. Some of the liveliest places are the pubs Alchemia, Nic Nowego, CK Browar and the Stajnua and Indygo. A major thing that has to be stressed is that all those restaurants, cafes, bars, live music clubs and pubs are located within walking distance of each other to over come use 5 htp benefits.